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    Cordeos provides a wide range of IT solutions, IT outsourcing, IT support agreements, purpose built computer systems, hardware and appliance products. With all our IT products and services, Cordeos strives to meet the unique requirements of each client, balancing business needs, budget and long term returns to find the right technology fit.

    Our team of skilled hardware and software engineers are familiar with a wide variety of technologies, makers and solutions allowing a unique perspective to evaluate the best possible solution amid all the possibilities.

  • Business Support for Mac

    As more businesses now use Apple MAC computers as the standard workstation desktop, the need to deploy, maintain and manage this growing number of Mac computers has become a critical need. Cordeos can quickly and easily help your Mac-based business better manage Apple workstations, laptops, Mac Air notebooks as well as iPads and iPhones.

    Using the latest in Mac enterprise management technology, Macs can now be managed in the enterprise:

    deployed and refreshed quickly using standardized OS and softare disk images
    uniformly managed for Mac OS and other software updates
    monitored, maintained and supported remotely
    connected to office resources through efficient VPN tunnels
    backed up automatically or syncronized with file server data storage
    managed and track licensed software, license keys, Apple care support, warranty information

    Imagine the time and resources for both IT support and business users if your organization is able to:
    immediately find who has which Mac laptop,
    what is installed on the laptop,
    determine when Apple care support ends,
    easily and quickly refresh the Mac if something goes wrong
    deploy a new Mac with standard software package in a few minutes

    Mac Computer Imaging

    Utilizing standardized Mac disk images, the Cordeos team can help you provide a fast and efficient method to refresh and deploy your Mac computers. Additionally, Cordeos can help build standard software install packages, user templates and a custom user's guide that will greatly streamline introduction of new employees and improve the user experience for all employees.

    Please contact our team to find out more on how Cordeos can improve your Mac computer environment.

  • Adaptive Website Development

    Today's consumers search for, research and evaluate nearly everything online. Everything. This makes your web presense even more important than ever before. In order to attract customers, increase the value of your brand, and satisfy existing clients, a clear online web presence is essential.

    A domain name and simple website is not enough. In today's competative market your website needs illustrate the strong, dynamic and innovative character of your business and to reach as many existing or potential customers as possible you need online content that works well on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes.

    Manageable Online Content

    To attract customers and improve your search rankings you need informative, accurate and continually updated content. Modern search engines heavily score online content based on both update time and depth of the content. Unfortunately managing online content previously took considerable time and programming skills to tackle.

    Cordeos can help you manage your online content with the setup of an easy to use content management system (CMS) that will allow your business users and non-technical staff to update, review, and approve changes to your website with ease. With clear approval processes handled automatically, editing done 'online' and prebuilt templates to handle news, events, articles, product data and other online content, a well designed CMS makes it easy to keep your website fresh and relevant.

    Adaptive Content Display

    Although many consumers use a wide variety of devices, it is no longer neccessary to develop seperate websites, web apps or online content for different screens sizes and device types. With the development of recent browser standardization and improved programming functionality it is now possible to develop ADAPTIVE, RESPONSIVE websites that automatically and seamlessly adjust to any device. Cordeos development team can help develop a new, adaptive website that renders beautifully on any size device.

    Please contact our Cordeos team to find out more on how we can help your online presence with easy-to-use content management systems and adaptive, responsive website design for any device size.

    For assistance with any of our products and services, please contact one of our local offices, or feel free to email general information (general [dot] info @ [cordeos]* . com) for fast, friendly advise on where to start.

  • VoIP Telephone Systems

    By implementing an updated VoIP telephony system, regional offices, branch offices and other distributed businesses can leverage existing LAN and WAN connections to provide zero cost inter-office calling, video-call capabilities, integrated phone directories, voicemail-to-email functionality and other communications features. PC-software based phones can help business travelers keep in constant contact with the office and be reached anywhere in the world on their standard office number (with no long distance charges).

    Cordeos network engineers can assist with design, implementation, customization and support of a wide range of VoIP technology solutions to suit any size of operation; including remote offices in challenging rural Asian locations.

  • Cloud Servers and Storage

    Cloud Servers and Storage View All Cordeos IT Services

    Cloud computing can offer significant advantages to many traditional in-house, hardware based IT services. A reduced equipment foot-print together with "anywhere" access are just some of benefits of moving to the "Cloud".

    Cordeos can help you decide which Cloud services fit your business needs, budget and long-term plans as well as optimize your existing network and equipment infrastructure to get the most out of Cloud-based services.
    Cloud Consulting Services

    What services are right for your organization? What will it really take to migrate and what are the real costs, drawback and long term considerations?
    We can help explain the concepts, advantages and precautions.
    Cloud Optimization

    Getting the most out of cloud services requires a new way of thinking about the office network, how employees connect and the right equipment to buy. Cordeos' experienced technical team can help design, implement, tune or optimize your office network infrastructure, wifi implementation. We can also help define mobile, on-the-go connectivity strategies via laptops, tablets and smart phones.
    Cloud Integration Services

    Cordeos can assist with both transitional and permanent inter connection between your existing internal systems and cloud-based services. HR, Helpdesk, CRM, and Finance are just a few of the systems we can help to connect.
    Build your own Cloud

    For companies with multiple offices it often makes "bottom-line" sense to invest in an internal cloud to support internal, custom, or security sensitive systems and information. For smaller companies, employing cloud-based shared server space or virtual servers can provide your a complete inhouse system with the need for a server room taking up valuable employee space.
    Find out More
    For more information on Cordeos Cloud Computing services please contact our local or regional offices by telephone, fax or email.

  • Database Applications

    The Cordeos programming team are experienced DB designers, administrators and programmers. We offer a range of customized programming platforms to harness the power of database information via rich web-based applications, stand-alone software and mobile-phone or PDA mini-applications.

  • Network Video Monitoring

    With improvements in WiFi capabilities, low cost but high-resolution cameras and IP videos apps it is now possible to provide low-cost network video monitoring of office entrances, server rooms, hotel lounges, retail space, warehouses and other general video coverage areas.

    Cordeos offers a wide range of wired and wireless IP network video cameras that can be connected over existing LAN networks in your home or office. Video can be displayed on a securely mounted, or free standing low cost tablet with several camera streams to a single tablet or one tablet for each camera for a clearer large screen view. Video data can easily be stored to NAS, fileserver, USB hard drive or directly to the tablet. Video streams can also be monitored securely, simultaneously on your mobile device connected to the office LAN network or remotely.

    The new video monitoring systems bring together the latest in network, camera and tablet technology to provide a simplified, lower cost system that provides significantly more flexibility than traditional CCTV.
    Please contact our team to find out how Cordeos can help you with an network-based video monitoring system.

  • EMX Secure Email Gateway Service

    Cordeos provides secure email gateway services to protect your on-premise systems from attacks, SPAM and traffic overload.

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