LINUX, the Most Expensive Free Software

Planning to use a Linux opensource solution? Know what you're getting into.

If you are going to use Linux, especially any of the great open-source tools, platforms or solutions availableon on Linux - you should be aware of what your getting into. Linux is, by far, the most expensive "free" software ever made.

LINUX is absolutely amazing. This now "mainstream" operating system can be sturdy, reliable, secure and incredibly flexible. Linux can also be unbelievably frustrating and infuriating. The flexibility, community, and endless development possibilities on the open Linux platform are a sharp, double-edged sword.

The wonderful work of maintainers, developers, and contributors to Linux OS kernel and thousands of open-source projects means coding development, debugging and general testing can sometimes move forward at lightning pace. Sometimes it crawls or grinds to a halt. This is also true for the thousands upon thousands of modules, packages, plugins, filters and smaller pieces which most larger open-source main projects are built on, or at least depend on for some functionality. This erratic development, building and testing of dozens of ever changing code pieces can be become a nightmare of incompatibilities, missing dependancies and conflicts which are often difficult to untangle.

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