Network Video Monitoring

With improvements in WiFi capabilities, low cost but high-resolution cameras and IP videos apps it is now possible to provide low-cost network video monitoring of office entrances, server rooms, hotel lounges, retail space, warehouses and other general video coverage areas.

Cordeos offers a wide range of wired and wireless IP network video cameras that can be connected over existing LAN networks in your home or office. Video can be displayed on a securely mounted, or free standing low cost tablet with several camera streams to a single tablet or one tablet for each camera for a clearer large screen view. Video data can easily be stored to NAS, fileserver, USB hard drive or directly to the tablet. Video streams can also be monitored securely, simultaneously on your mobile device connected to the office LAN network or remotely.

The new video monitoring systems bring together the latest in network, camera and tablet technology to provide a simplified, lower cost system that provides significantly more flexibility than traditional CCTV.
Please contact our team to find out how Cordeos can help you with an network-based video monitoring system.

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