Business Support for Mac

As more businesses now use Apple MAC computers as the standard workstation desktop, the need to deploy, maintain and manage this growing number of Mac computers has become a critical need. Cordeos can quickly and easily help your Mac-based business better manage Apple workstations, laptops, Mac Air notebooks as well as iPads and iPhones.

Using the latest in Mac enterprise management technology, Macs can now be managed in the enterprise:

deployed and refreshed quickly using standardized OS and softare disk images
uniformly managed for Mac OS and other software updates
monitored, maintained and supported remotely
connected to office resources through efficient VPN tunnels
backed up automatically or syncronized with file server data storage
managed and track licensed software, license keys, Apple care support, warranty information

Imagine the time and resources for both IT support and business users if your organization is able to:
immediately find who has which Mac laptop,
what is installed on the laptop,
determine when Apple care support ends,
easily and quickly refresh the Mac if something goes wrong
deploy a new Mac with standard software package in a few minutes

Mac Computer Imaging

Utilizing standardized Mac disk images, the Cordeos team can help you provide a fast and efficient method to refresh and deploy your Mac computers. Additionally, Cordeos can help build standard software install packages, user templates and a custom user's guide that will greatly streamline introduction of new employees and improve the user experience for all employees.

Please contact our team to find out more on how Cordeos can improve your Mac computer environment.

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