Adaptive Website Development

Today's consumers search for, research and evaluate nearly everything online. Everything. This makes your web presense even more important than ever before. In order to attract customers, increase the value of your brand, and satisfy existing clients, a clear online web presence is essential.

A domain name and simple website is not enough. In today's competative market your website needs illustrate the strong, dynamic and innovative character of your business and to reach as many existing or potential customers as possible you need online content that works well on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes.

Manageable Online Content

To attract customers and improve your search rankings you need informative, accurate and continually updated content. Modern search engines heavily score online content based on both update time and depth of the content. Unfortunately managing online content previously took considerable time and programming skills to tackle.

Cordeos can help you manage your online content with the setup of an easy to use content management system (CMS) that will allow your business users and non-technical staff to update, review, and approve changes to your website with ease. With clear approval processes handled automatically, editing done 'online' and prebuilt templates to handle news, events, articles, product data and other online content, a well designed CMS makes it easy to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Adaptive Content Display

Although many consumers use a wide variety of devices, it is no longer neccessary to develop seperate websites, web apps or online content for different screens sizes and device types. With the development of recent browser standardization and improved programming functionality it is now possible to develop ADAPTIVE, RESPONSIVE websites that automatically and seamlessly adjust to any device. Cordeos development team can help develop a new, adaptive website that renders beautifully on any size device.

Please contact our Cordeos team to find out more on how we can help your online presence with easy-to-use content management systems and adaptive, responsive website design for any device size.

For assistance with any of our products and services, please contact one of our local offices, or feel free to email general information (general [dot] info @ [cordeos]* . com) for fast, friendly advise on where to start.

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